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Second Grade Program


Maria Eveland – B.S. Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education


In Second grade, students are practicing the skills they’ve learned in Kindergarten and First grade and are beginning to use them with ease.  Students in Second grade will apply what they’ve learned about the meaning of numbers and letters to more complicated material and will further refine and develop their analytical abilities.

By Second grade, students are reading and writing at a basic level and are ready to develop the skills of becoming fluent and accurate readers.  Students will develop better writing skills as they learn to write basic sentences and short narratives. Students will develop quality paragraphs using a topic, sentences, details and a summary sentence.

Mathematical concepts are now becoming more complex.  They will further develop skills and concepts introduced in First grade.  They will be learning the addition and subtraction of six-digit numbers using carrying and borrowing and will begin to understand the meaning of multiplication and division.

In Science, students will learn to utilize information to make predictions and find patterns in the natural world.  They will be learning about the earth and its natural resources along with how these resources convert to energy.  Students will be learning about life cycles of plants and animals and begin their study of communities and regions.

In Social Studies, students will study early American history with a strong emphasis on colonial times.  They will be able to identify and label the 13 colonies as well as continents and oceans


  • Reasoning and Concentration
  • Processing Information
  • Expand Vocabulary
  • Read Fluently with Expression
  • Writing and Editing Skills
  • Using Apostrophe’s
  • Use a Dictionary
  • Do Mental Math for Single-digit Addition and Subtraction
  • Fractions
  • Patterns
  • Demonstrate comprehension
  • Learn Addition and Subtraction of up to Six-digit numbers
  • Measurements and Graphing
  • Skip Counting
  • Tell Time to the nearest minutes using AM and PM
  • Scientific Discoveries
  • Artistic Expressions
  • Music / Physical Education
  • Know the basic concepts of Multiplication
  • Demonstrate an Understanding of Place Value
  • Memorize Multiplication and Division facts up to 5
  • Plot points on a line graph
  • Roman numerals
  • Rount money to the nearest dollar


Our Bible curriculum focuses on helping students understand that God is their creator, who loves and cares deeply for them. The students will continue to develop and deepen their relationship with God as they listen to Bible lessons, memorize scripture, sing praise songs and pray together during a morning devotion and Bible class. Scripture memorization is utilized and Bible characters are studied so students will learn to trust in God’s promises and apply Godly virtues to their lives.