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Fourth Grade Program


Heather Crocker – B.S. Degree in Middle Education (Grades 4 to 8) and B.S. in Biblical Studies


By Fourth grade, students are already familiar with the routines of school and will be introduced to more complex material in many subjects.  They will be required to be responsible for their own work as well as learning to work in groups. 

In Language Arts, students will work on gaining a more sophisticated vocabulary, mastering subjects and predicates, and recognizing and using all 8 parts of speech.  They will add to their knowledge of capitalization, punctuation and forming plurals.  Students will learn to use the writing process as they write encyclopedia reports, book reports for the novels they read, and for other creative writing assignments. 

In Math, Fourth graders will continue to learn the fundamentals of traditional arithmetic, with a greater emphasis on working with fractions.  Students will continue to master multiplication and division, and further develop problem-solving skills.  They will learn concepts of factoring, graphing and estimation, and will explore geometry formulas for determining perimeter, area, and measurement of angles.  

In Science, students will study insects, plants, birds, matter, energy, geology, oceanography and astronomy.  Students will also be introduced to matter and its different states.

In History and Social Studies, Fourth graders will learn about the history of their home State and explore changes in State populations over time.  They will learn to place major events in the State’s history in chronological order.  Students will be given an overview of our country’s history as well as many geography and map study skills.  State capitals, presidents and important documents will be memorized.


  • Develop creative writing & book reports
  • Identify article groups, pronouns, noun’s, verbs and adverbs
  • Use contractions, apostrophes, comma’s and possessives
  • Read text quickly and expressively
  • Retell and sequence events of text
  • Improve penmanship
  • Recite and memorize poetry
  • Recognize and write good sentences
  • Know standards & metric measurements 
  • Convert measurements
  • Understand place values
  • Find factors & multiples of large numbers
  • Divide whole numbers
  • Find area and perimeter of shapes
  • Understand earth systems and changes
  • Understand matter and its different states
  • Know history of home state and population changes 
  • Know major events in state’s history 
  • Know major events in our nation’s history 
  • Memorize important historical documents


Our Bible curriculum focuses on helping students understand that God is their creator, who loves and cares deeply for them. The students continue to develop and deepen their relationship with God as they listen to Bible lessons, memorize scripture, sing praise songs and pray together during a morning devotion and Bible class. Scripture memorization is utilized and Bible characters are studied so students will learn to trust God’s promises and apply Godly virtues to their lives.

Learning Activities

Children learn best through exposure to a quality classroom curriculum as well as interesting ideas and materials. Our Elementary classes provide the necessary space and learning tools for children to build and strengthen their academic skills.

Bible Teachings

We believe that knowledge of God and His Word is an important component of every child’s development. Bible stories, songs, and prayer are integrated into the curriculum topics and are practiced in our daily routines.