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Preschool Program (3 – 4 Years)

Even though Preschool children are developing more independence in their self-help skills, they still need lots of adult help and attention. Consequently, we staff our preschool room at a ratio of approximately one adult for every seven to eight children. The higher ratio allows for greater support and more one-on-one teacher-child interaction. 

A hallmark of the three-four year olds is that they are beginning to build cooperative play skills. They like to seek out special friends to join them as they build, role play and create art projects. Our schedule for preschool children includes long stretches of play time with opportunities to use their growing imagination and ingenuity in creative play. Classroom themes center on familiar people and things; building on previous knowledge and generating new ideas.


  • Identify Colors
  • Identify Shapes
  • Reciting/Recognizing Letters
  • Reciting/Recognizing Numbers
  • Recognizing Names
  • First Letters of Names
  • Science Exploration
  • Following Directions
  • Taking Turns/Cooperation
  • Using Scissors
  • Songs/Finger Plays
  • Putting on Coats
  • Opposites
  • Recalling Story Facts


Children learn stories of people who trusted God, and stories of God’s goodness, faithfulness and power. (Examples are: Daniel in the Lions Den, Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand, Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors, God Feeds Elijah, Ruth and Naomi, and Jesus’ Birth, Death, and Resurrection.)

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